Ortho4vets Academy will support you, as a veterinarian surgeon, during your learning process into the veterinary orthopaedic surgery. Shearing experiences & learning is our main goal during workshops. Drylabs and/or wet labs are integrated. After a workshop, you must feel comfortable to start using the technique.

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Maarten Lejaeghere

15 years of sales & marketing support into the Veterinary Market, with more than 10 years focus on veterinary orthopaedic surgery.
After 10 years of distribution of orthopaedic instruments & implants via Orthopaedics.be, since September 2019 the activity of Orthopaedics.be was acquired by Maarten and relaunched under the name of Ortho4vets.

Yves Samoy

  • EBVS® European Specialist in Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Member of ECVSMR
  • Boardmember ECVSMR
  • 2003 graduation Dr. Med. Vet.
  • 2011 graduation PhD
  • The developing surgeon behind the TTA Rapid technique
  • In charge of the Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Unit at Ghent University
  • Author or co-author of several orthopaedic publications in international journals

Geert Verhoeven

  • EBVS® European Specialist in Small Animal Surgery
  • Member of ECVS
  • 1993 graduation Dr. Med. Vet.
  • 2008 graduation DECVS
  • 2011 graduation PhD
  • Visting Professor Faculty Veterinary Medicine Ghent University since 2013
  • Senior Staff member Algemene Dierenkliniek Randstad Borsbeek

Stijn Samoy

Stijn Samoy has more than 10 years of experience as Surgery Theatre Manager at University of Ghent, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Small Animals. In this function he’s responsible of the equipment.

During the workshops, Stijn will organise the “setting”. So the correct instrument will be at the correct moment and place.

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Physiotherapy as conservative treatment in partial cruciate ligament tears. What can this teach us?'

Conservative treatment is still something that is commonly advised in the smaller dog with a cruciate ligament rupture. This presentation will discuss what results can be expected when treating dogs conservatively with only a partial tear and what impact that can have on dogs with a complete tear.

Date: Tuesday, June 9th at 14h00 (gmt +2)

Presenter: Dr Yves Samoy (University of Ghent)

Language: English

Cost prise: 35€ ex vat
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Workshop TTA Rapid

Workshop TTA Rapid

Workshop TTA Rapid

Workshop TTA RAPID

Thursday 18 & Friday 19th of June 2020.

During this workshop, you'll be guided into the technique of TTA Rapid via lectures, Drylab (Saw Bone) & a Wetlab.

Workshop will be hosted by the Orsi Acadamy (Gent).

Workshop fee: 1.350€ ex vat.

Number of participants is limited to 20.

Het corona virus houdt de gemoederen bezig.
We houden de richtlijnen van de betrokken Overheid nauwlettend in de gaten.
Mochten nieuwe inzichten of adviezen reden geven om anders te doen besluiten, dan brengen we jullie natuurlijk zo snel mogelijk op de hoogte.
Namens Ortho4Vets,
Maarten Lejaeghere

The new corona virus is of great impact.
We closely monitor the advice of the Belgian Authorities.
May the situation and guidelines change, we will inform you as soon as possible.
On behalf of Ortho4Vets,
Maarten Lejaeghere

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In the near future, webinars will be organised.

Topics : veterinary orthopaedic surgery

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Exploratie van het Knie-Gewricht? Embricatie? Meniscus release? Flo Teugel? Patella Luxatie? ... Deze cursus is geschikt voor iedereen die geïnteresseerd is in de technieken ter behandeling van het kniegewricht

Locking Plate Fracture Management

Locking Plate Fracture Management

Interested in fracture management:

Decision making
Planning (positioning and measurements x-rays)
Plate fixation

A drylab (sawbone) & wetlab (kadaver) will be integrated in the workshop

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